A New Yard for the New Year

It has been few of months for us. Starting off with a couple of outings to gain the points I needed for qualification for the winter regionals and I am pleased to say Felix had some brilliant outings scoring 73% or higher at Medium and Advanced Medium.

Bodyguard gained 73% in his Prix St Georges music too, so that’s all qualifications secured. Now all I have to do is decide which levels I compete Felix at, having qualified at Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium both normal and Freestyles and I will only be allowed to compete at two levels. Lara Dyson and Cyden Bodyguard Moorland. Photo credit Camille Peters.

Excitingly, we have finally moved into our new yard and I am now able to enjoy a winter of being able to train and not miss days due to snow or frost. Hopefully this will give us a good start to 2017.

I am very much looking forward to being able to bring out my Cadans babies in 2017. I will be aiming at the Young Horse classes if I feel they are strong enough at the time.

Cadans is now based with and being competed by Phoebe Peters. Phoebe has helped me with Amigo in the past and was looking for a horse to compete in 2017 at the higher levels, so we were over the moon to be able to support her.

I am very much looking forward to being an owner and watching from the side, although I think this may make me more nervous than doing it myself, but I couldn’t wish for a better rider for him.

Sadly Clare Hole has had to give up the ride on Amigo, having had a growth spurt and is now over six feet tall. Both Amigo and Clare are upset as they have done so much together in only a few months, and he has formed a special bond with Clare.

A huge thank you to Clare and Rachel for all they have done with Amigo, they have been an amazing family and offered Amigo opportunities he has loved, including getting his GB flag for the first time at seven-years-old.

I would like to wish his new rider Tash Powell Richards a fun and happy 2017 with Amigo and I am sure we will see them out together soon.

I am looking forward to reporting next month on our next high profile show at Addington Manor where Felix is going to get his first experience of a big show, competing at Medium and Advanced Medium.

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