A New Yard for the New Year

It has been few of months for us. Starting off with a couple of outings to gain the points I needed for qualification for the winter regionals and I am pleased to say Felix had some brilliant outings scoring 73% or higher at Medium and Advanced Medium. Bodyguard gained 73% in his Prix St Georges […]

Juggling Commitments

It has been a very busy month for me in my day job as quality manager for Cyden Homes. It was our business year end at the end of October so we had a lot of houses to finish and move the new owners into, and I am pleased to say Annabelle has loved helping […]

Welcome Home Bodyguard

So, what has been a quieter month for me and all the horses has also been an exciting one, competing at the Nationals and Bodyguard coming back home. Earlier in the month I ran a British Dressage ‘Have a Go Day’ at the lovely Manor Grange Stud. This is opportunity for any non-members to come […]

Wild Card Delight

Well, all those who told me having a baby would change my life and I wouldn’t be able to carry on doing what I was doing – how wrong you were! Annabelle has changed my life completely, being the most amazing little bundle of joy anyone could ever ask for, but she hasn’t stopped me […]

Felix Dances to Three Regional Titles

This has been a busy month for the Cyden Team, starting off with a very successful time at the British Dressage Northern Winter Regional Championships winning three classes and gaining three tickets to the winter nationals on board Tracey and Laura Milners, Jazzed up (Felix) in the Novice Open, Elementary Open and a whopping 76.49% […]

Regional Nerves

January has been a nice quiet month for me and all the horses in the run up to the Regionals. I have been training with Rhett and also been on a couple of outings with Felix to try and prepare him for the Regionals, having not been out competing since last November. Firstly we went […]