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 Lara now holds regular clinics in and around Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Leicestershire. If you are interested in training with Lara or would be interested in holding a clinic at your yard or livery please get in touch with Lara – 07920452739 or email her

Lara may also be able to offer schooling or sales livery (at a friends yard) so get in touch for more info.


Lara also offers Minds Coaching – having nearly given up herself she knows what it feels like when the mind plays games on you. 

In 2011 former 2* event rider, now dressage rider Lara Dyson turned to David Collins when her nerves at competitions were effecting her performance so badly she considered giving up.

After two sessions with David she felt a massive improvement in her confidence and abilities. Competing was now fun again; Lara has since gone on to win 5 regional and 2 national titles. Lara’s mid coaching was born!

We work with riders of all ages and abilities and across all equestrian disciplines, from those who are afraid to canter to riders who want the winning edge at International Competitions.

Drawing on Psychological theories such as Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as taking a more holistic approach to both horse and rider, Inspiring Minds uses fun and innovative techniques to facilitate lower stress levels, greater emotional resilience and subsequently more relaxed, focused and winning performances.

The fundamental essence of the directives set down by governing bodies in equestrian sports is a harmonious partnership.

Whatever your discipline, ambition or level, from a glorious hack on a crisp sunlit October morning to winning your first or successive championship, the relationship you have with your horse is paramount to success and more importantly having fun. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Mind Coaching can help!

  • Do you want to develop a more harmonious partnership with your horse?
  • Have you lost some confidence after a fall?
  • Do you knock down fences in competition you leave standing at home?
  • Do you forget or worry about remembering jumping courses or dressage tests?
  • Does your horse have good and bad days?
  • Do your equestrian Dreams seem unobtainable?

Horses are horses. They live, eat, sleep and breathe and are governed by their instincts. They live in the here and now. Beyond instinct we as riders condition their behaviour. That is the point at which our worlds collide with theirs, sometimes all too literally! Horses don’t relate to our expectations of success or failure, or even that we are having a bad day. Maybe our families and colleagues are winding us or we are feeling the pressure of a deadline at work or a looming championship. Our emotions, thoughts and feelings present themselves through tension in our bodies and this is what our horses feel.

The human brain is powerful beyond measure. Lara’s Mind coaching works with riders to make them aware of their thought processes, emotions, and the way they interact with the people around them. Awareness allows you to challenge and banish your inner critic, center your emotions. You will be surprised what effect this has on your horse!


2 thoughts on “Coaching, Training, Lessons, Clinics

  1. Hi Lara
    Just enquiring if you are taking on any new clients at the moment? I’m based just outside Sleaford, not sure if you venture over this way at all or if would be possible to organise some training?
    I have a 6 year old who has had some time off and we’re now looking to get our training back on track.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello

      Yes of course as soon as this virus is over I do teach at Chestnut stables near boston on a monthly basis anyway. I am also offering virtual lessons at the moment £35 for 45 mins or £25 for 30 Mins, all you need is FaceTime, set of headphones and someone who can video.

      kind regards,
      Lara xx

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