Coronovirus Lock down and horses.

I hope you are all managing with this lock down, I know to many of you it will be pretty much be business as normal in terms of riding and being on the yard 7am till 7pm , not really seeing many people as thats the life with horses, i know! But hope those who are in lockdown away from your horses are managing to chill, take stock of last few weeks and actually enjoy the down time…….. or eating the fridge, drinking too much and constantly cleaning as I am!

I decided to give all my horses a couple of weeks break and field time, although I would never have normally done this, especially mid season but I felt, esp Bodyguard and Felix have worked constantly for at least 8 months they deserve a well earn’t break and with the weather it was the perfect excuse to turn out and leave out for a while. However tomorrow I am planning on getting back on board (2 whole weeks after my last ride) I am rather desperate to get back to it now!!!

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow and now try and keep this more updated with the little bit extra free time I seem to have! Although the girlies are keeping me busy with their own riding and Annabelle has decided walking, trotting and cantering are a bit boring so we have made our own XC fences at home around our wood and this is the next mission by Annabelle………watch this space!!!! Stay at home everyone and stay safe xxxx

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