Lara Edwards Stallions

Lara Edwards Dressage can offer frozen semen all year round for Bodyguard Moorland (KWPN Approved stallion), Cadans M (KWPN Approved stallion) and Oosting Amigo (NWPCS Approved) at Stallion AI services. You can find out more about each of the Stallions along with a Nomination Form via their links below.

Cadans M

Stallions - Cadans 1

2007 By Sir Donnerhall x Elcaro x Ferro

£650 – View  Cadans M’s page

Frozen semen only LIMITED TIME ONLY £400

Bodyguard Moorland

Stallions - Bodyguard 6

2006 By Gribaldi x Negro x Cocktail

£750  – View  Bodyguard Moorland’s page

Frozen semen only LIMITED TIME ONLY £400

Oosting Amigo


2009 By Hagelkruis Valentijn x Verona’s Bo-gi. NWPSC Pony Stallion.

£100  Frozen semen available for 2020/2021. View Oosting Amigo’s page


Stud Information, Terms & Conditions
  • Stud Fee: £650 Cadans M, £750 Bodyguard Moorland, £400 Oosting Amigo – payable in advance and prior to shipping
  • Special terms for mares staying at Twemlows and multiple mares and South Grange Stud
  • The stud fee covers one pregnancy only
  • 1 doses (= 1 inseminations) will be sent in the first consignment, thereafter Individual doses will be dispatched as required, at the mare owners request and expense
  • Discount offered for proven mares or breeders inseminating two or more mares
  • All carriage costs are paid by the mare owners
  • All unused straws of semen remain the property of the stallion owner and must be returned to Stallion AI Services, before October 1st that season at the mare owners expense

If the inseminated mare produces two (or more) viable embryos for implantation, if a heartbeat is detected in the second and/or other at the 42 day scan, an additional 50% stud fee becomes payable for each additional embryo.


Mares will be accepted at an “all in” package to cover routine veterinary reproduction work at Twemlows Hall Stud Farm. Routine includes scans, call out, drugs and one PD scan at 15 days, a second scan at 28/30 days and a third scan at about 42 days; it does not include swabs, twinning, caslicks, lavage etc and the treatment of mares with endometritis and other non routine matters. All in foal mares need to have a 28/30 day and 42 day PD scan to confirm a single viable and healthy pregnancy; if mares leave the stud before the heart beat scan it is the owners responsibility to arrange for this to be carried out.

Charges for a range of miscellaneous items, which will not apply to all mares, such as microchipping, farriery work, worming, chilled semen collection from airports and Embryo Transfer work, are available on request. All fees must be paid before mares leave the stud.