Difficult Decisions

So, this month I had my first GB call up since the birth of Annabelle for the International CDI at Keysoe with Bodyguard. Although I was over the moon with him and his way of going on the first day, on the second day his foot balance that we have been working on; to mend the stress cracks in his feet, affected his ease in the trot.

I had to make the horrible decision to withdraw because although it may not have been noticeable to the judges and others watching, I could feel he wasn’t happy to give me his all, especially in trot. He has really started to lift and show some cadence in his trot.Bodyguard at the vets inspection.

So back to the drawing board and he had metal plates put in to hold the foot together and to allow the regrowth to grow down without a crack. Fingers crossed it has made a big difference after only four weeks.

I am pleased to say he is now feeling amazing and is once again showing me how he can move! Bodyguard’s next outing will be to the Premier League show at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre.

It has been a really busy month at work with 15 new home completions, which for me means 15 snags of the properties to check everything is in full working order and up to our high standard of finish.

This is followed by a further snag a week later, followed by a handover to the customer to show them around their amazing new Cyden Home.

It is looking like the next five months are just as busy too, so the horses may have to take a back seat for a couple of months, (although then again I don’t think they will, I will just have to work more 14 hour days!)

Gary, Annabelle and I have also moved into our forever home and I have to say it’s all gone so well. We managed to move in, unpack and get settled, all in three days. On day five we enjoyed a big barbecue.

I am looking forwaChance and Chanelrd to reporting on Annabelle and her pony antics in the years to come, and then mummy might really have to take a back seat!

Chance and Chanel my two homebred four-year-olds by Rhodium and Cadans are coming on really nicely, so I am planning their first outing very soon.

As I write this, I am only a few days away from heading to the Nationals with Felix (Jazzed up), to contest the Elementary Gold, Elementary Freestyle, Medium Gold and Medium Freestyle. Charlotte Dujardin is in both our two normal classes so a win against her might be a tall order but you know me, always willing to give it a good go!

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