Early Starts and Late Finishes

My full-time job seems to be getting busier and busier month by month so at the moment I am struggling to get out competing as much as I would like. Earlier starts and later finishes seem to be happening on a more regular basis now!

At the end of last month I helped out at a ROR (Retraining of Racehorses) training day, helping the riders make up a dressage test to then fit with some music by Equivision. It was a really lovely morning with lots of cakes and lots of improvement from the riders and horses.

Another gorgeous filly.We have had the first of four foals born, this one by my own Cyden Cadans M and out of a mare by Dimaggio, so it will certainly be one for the future and yet again was another filly! Nine out of ten foals have been fillies. We still have three due in the next couple of months so will report as soon as these make an appearance.


We headed to Sheepgate for the day with three on board. I took our own homebred, Chanel, (by Cadans out of Finestra our mare by Ferrgamo); she was amazing – travelled like a star. Lara and Chanel at her first show.

I took her into the arena free time to let her have a look around but it was like she had been in there ten times before, she wasn’t at all bothered by the white boards, the judges boxes or even the boards falling over in the wind – taking it all in her stride like a professional.

We went in and although I decided to do the first test hors concours in case she was spooky, we pulled off an incredible 69.74% and would have been in first place.

Chanel was brilliant not at all bothered, she just did as I asked with really encouraging comments from the judges about her natural paces and trainability.

In hind sight I shouldn’t have done a second test, having been on her for well over an hour, as she lacked energy and struggled to keep going, but even so she still didn’t put a foot wrong. I just had to ‘Pony Club’ kick a bit to nurse her through the test!

I also did a couple of Novice tests on my nephew’s eventing pony to get her used to being in an arena as she is only young and still learning, followed by a couple of Advanced Medium tests and a Medium test on Felix (Jazzed Up).

Felix is gaining a reputation as Mr Reliable with 70.4%, 74,6% and 75.9%, he was a super star even when I got cramp half way through the test and had to take my feet out of the stirrups and stretch my inner thigh, not just once but four times in the middle of my trot and canter work!

Felix and I will be doing our first Advanced 105 at the Premier League at Addington Manor next month too.

Very excitingly, I have been offered the opportunity to compete a couple of horses owned by para-dressage rider, Heather Bennett, in able-bodied classes so the horses can gain more experience in the arena.

Off we went to Manor Grange with Deja, and having only sat on her three times, I was a little apprehensive about riding a couple of tests, not really knowing if I was pressing the right buttons. I couldn’t have been more pleased with 68.94% in the first test and 71.48% and a win in the second test.

I am now aiming for Sheepgate Tack and Toggs Championships at the end of the month with both my own horses and Deja.

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